Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Letter to Little Me - HFC Day 15

Write a letter to yourself as a child – you can choose which ever age you feel is most relevant to you. What do you want to tell that child? What wisdom can you share with him/her? What encouragement can you give to that child? Tell that child what good qualities you see in him/her. After writing reflect on what you have written and recognize that those qualities still lie within you, as does that child.

Dear Francie,

Hello beautiful!!! So you are only six and I am thirty two but believe me when I say, I get you.  I know you love making lists so here’s a checklist for you to complete every day.  Feel free to rewrite it as many times as you like, and to cross out your completions with bold marker or circular scribbles, whichever you like. 
  • Giggle.
  • Tell your sister and brother you love them.
  • Raise your hand in class and ask a question.
  • Ask your parents to tell you a story about them when they were your age, they have some doosies!!
  • Do a dance – freestyle.
  • Get good and dirty.
  • Mess up your hair.
  • Sing a prayer or say it aloud.
  • Cuddle with mom or dad or brother or sister.
  • Give yourself permission to cry, even if you don’t cry, just remind yourself that it’s okay if you do.
  • Find some water and get yourself soaking wet (bath, shower, hose, pool).
  • Keep dreaming BIG.
  • Remember you’re a kid and your parents will take care of you and your bro and sis no matter what, no matter what.
  • See you body in the mirror and love it.  God gave it to you and it can do so much already!  You’re so fabulous exactly as you are.

This should be a good start.  Everything is going to be okay.  You are okay!  Have fun and be bold.  Be grateful for what you have and embrace it all with joy and laughter. You’re six!!!  Woohoo!

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  1. i love that list! i wish i could have given that to a younger me.